Kia Green Cars – Kia Motors developed environmentally friendly vehicles

In recent years, auto manufacturers have been put under pressure to evolve. They have to make the decision to stop making the same types of vehicles, from the old style, to switching over to the newer environmentally friendly versions that are hitting the markets across the world. With pressures from ecological organizations, the government and the general public, auto manufacturers are forced to make that choice. Since gasoline and diesel cars are slowly making their way out of the new environmentally friendly way of living, the clean diesel, hybrid gas and electric cars are taking a lead in the global markets. The cars that are strictly run by bio-fuel, fuel cell and electricity are also increasing in popularity.

Although Flex fuel cars are leaning towards the right direction, they are only a temporary solution. Auto manufacturers are being forced to change and turn to alternative car fuels, with the economies of the world struggling, gas prices are continuing to rise, therefore consumers are looking for a more efficient way to spend their hard earned money. Also, people are continually concerned by the effects that they are having on the environment and are looking for a way to make it better.


Kia Motors has been trying to develop environmentally-friendly vehicles orĀ  Kia green cars for years now. In 1986, Kia produced the Besta. This was Korea’s first electric vehicle and it was released to the market in 1993. Kia then succeeded in developing Korea’s first fuel cell vehicle in the year 2000. By the year 2005, they completed the development of a hybrid electric car, beginning domestic distribution. Kia has plans to start selling their hybrid electric cars to the public in 2009. Kia is continuing to take the lead in producing economically friendly cars across the world. Quite recently, Kia provided the Sportage hydrogen fuel cell cars to the Korea Energy Management Corporation. The Sportage features Kia’s 80kW fuel cell stack, allowing the vehicle to run up to 350km on a single charge of 350bar compressed hydrogen. A broavd range of tests have been conducted to guarantee the overall safety of the car, the safety of the hydrogen and electrical systems, and also the very important passengers in the vehicle. An added benefit of using this hydrogen technology includes having the ability to start the engine and drive the car in sub-zero temperatures. Through road test evaluations, fuel economy, driving experience and durability, Kia is continually pushing forward. Continue reading “Kia Green Cars – Kia Motors developed environmentally friendly vehicles”