Who makes a Kia car? Kia Motors Overview and history of Kia

The Kia Motor’s Company is a Korean auto maker that produces economically friendly vehicles. Kia was founded in 1944 and started producing bicycle parts and steel tubing products. In the early 1950’s Kia had produced the first Korean bicycle. By the late 50’s, Kia started producing the Kia C100 motorized scooter. In the 60’s, Kia started producing 3 wheel cargo vehicles and small motorcycles. During the 1970’s, Kia began to make major steps toward becoming an automobile manufacture. In 1973 Kia had succeeded in building Korea’s first fully integrated automobile construction facility. The Kia factory, in Sohari, went on to produce Korea’s first internal gasoline combustion engine. After a year, Kia had unveiled Korea’s first passenger car, the Brisa. By 1980, Kia’s technology was used to help produce the Fiat 132, and the Peugeot 604.

Kia motors or Kia cars are too much popular in all over the world. Today we cover here about Kia Motors Overview and history of Kia.


In the late 80’s, Kia had a lineup of several cars including the Pride, Concord, Capital, and Potentia. Ford noticed Kia’s expanding niche in the auto world, and started to import and re-brand two Kia models. The Kia Pride became the Ford Festiva in North America, and the Kia Avella was sold as the Ford Aspire. Both models were smaller style, gas efficient cars. By the early 1990’s, Kia had begun to distribute and sell their vehicles under their own brand name in North America. The popular Kia Sephia was the first release in the United States. With the rise of the popularity of SUV’s, Kia released the Sportage, which was well received by consumers because of cost. At the end of the 90’s, Kia had a dealership in every state except North Dakota.

Facing economical difficulties, Kia was not able to expand its lineup of cars in the late 90’s. In 1998 Kia was acquired in a merger with Hyundai, Korea’s largest auto maker. Since the merger, Kia has offered several new models of cars and SUV’s. In addition to the compact Sephia, and Smaller Sportage SUV, Kia has added mid and large size sedans, larger SUV’s and minivans to their lineup, along with crossovers and soon to come hybrid technology. With this lineup, Kia has something to offer all economy conscious people’s needs, except trucks. Kia has reaped the rewards of consumers since the merge with Hyundai. With a better focus on quality, and vehicle refinement, coupled with the substantial warranty package (some say the best in North America), Kia has become a major player in the auto industry.

Kia has made reliability one of its main priorities since the Hyundai merge. The warranties that Kia offer back up those claims. Combined with the vast array of vehicle choices, options, vehicle safety features, and the relatively inexpensive initial cost, Kia can only grow with consumer popularity. With the economy always in question, and the rising cost of gas prices, Kia will continue to be a strong auto manufacturer in North America and the rest of the World. If you are looking for a quality car, at a reasonable cost, then a Kia model may fit your needs.