2009 Kia Rio Sedan comes in nine different style options

The 2009 Kia Rio Sedan comes in nine different trim/style options, five sedan models and four five door hatchback wagons. All of which use a 110 horsepower 1.6 liter in-line four cylinder engines, and front wheel drive-trains. All models are affordable, with the base model sedan starting at $11,500 and the highest priced wagon starting at $15,100. As with most Kia’s the fuel ratings are excellent with all trims offering 30 mpg(miles per gallon) fuel economy, or better. All models come with side and dual front and rear passenger air bags as standard equipment. Also standard, are a single disc cd player and Sirius satellite radio. This compact sedan/wagon can seat five. With all the trim packages to choose from, most consumers can find the right Kia Rio for their needs.

The 2009 Rio base model is just that, a base model. Starting at $11,500 and coming with a five speed manual transmission, the only options are a rear spoiler, and floor mats. With a 12 gallon fuel tank and 28 mpg city and 35 mpg highway you can expect between 300 and 400 miles between fill ups.


The first level LX model of the Rio also comes with a five speed manual transmission. Starting at $13,200 the LX model comes with air conditioning and a USB data port standard. The option list also expanded a little, with four wheel anti-lock brakes, a power package that includes power window, door locks, key less entry and heated outside mirrors. This LX model gives you the same great gas mileage of 28 mpg city and 35 mpg highway. Continue reading “2009 Kia Rio Sedan comes in nine different style options”

Kia Green Cars – Kia Motors developed environmentally friendly vehicles

In recent years, auto manufacturers have been put under pressure to evolve. They have to make the decision to stop making the same types of vehicles, from the old style, to switching over to the newer environmentally friendly versions that are hitting the markets across the world. With pressures from ecological organizations, the government and the general public, auto manufacturers are forced to make that choice. Since gasoline and diesel cars are slowly making their way out of the new environmentally friendly way of living, the clean diesel, hybrid gas and electric cars are taking a lead in the global markets. The cars that are strictly run by bio-fuel, fuel cell and electricity are also increasing in popularity.

Although Flex fuel cars are leaning towards the right direction, they are only a temporary solution. Auto manufacturers are being forced to change and turn to alternative car fuels, with the economies of the world struggling, gas prices are continuing to rise, therefore consumers are looking for a more efficient way to spend their hard earned money. Also, people are continually concerned by the effects that they are having on the environment and are looking for a way to make it better.


Kia Motors has been trying to develop environmentally-friendly vehicles orĀ  Kia green cars for years now. In 1986, Kia produced the Besta. This was Korea’s first electric vehicle and it was released to the market in 1993. Kia then succeeded in developing Korea’s first fuel cell vehicle in the year 2000. By the year 2005, they completed the development of a hybrid electric car, beginning domestic distribution. Kia has plans to start selling their hybrid electric cars to the public in 2009. Kia is continuing to take the lead in producing economically friendly cars across the world. Quite recently, Kia provided the Sportage hydrogen fuel cell cars to the Korea Energy Management Corporation. The Sportage features Kia’s 80kW fuel cell stack, allowing the vehicle to run up to 350km on a single charge of 350bar compressed hydrogen. A broavd range of tests have been conducted to guarantee the overall safety of the car, the safety of the hydrogen and electrical systems, and also the very important passengers in the vehicle. An added benefit of using this hydrogen technology includes having the ability to start the engine and drive the car in sub-zero temperatures. Through road test evaluations, fuel economy, driving experience and durability, Kia is continually pushing forward. Continue reading “Kia Green Cars – Kia Motors developed environmentally friendly vehicles”

2008 Kia Sedona

Kia has become a major player in the mini-van market in North America. The reason for this success is the Kia Sedona mini-van. With most of the features that family car consumers are looking for and a reasonable base price of $20,700, combined with Kia’s 10 year/100,000 mile warranty, it has high appeal in the auto market today. The 2008 Kia Sedona comes in three trim/style choices with a wide variety of standard and optional equipment. All versions offer a 3.8 liter six cylinder engine, combined with a five speed automatic transmission that is built on a front wheel drive chassis. All three models include four wheel anti-lock brakes, stability and traction control, dual front air bags, second and third row air bags, and a remote controlled anti-theft alarm as standard equipment. Power windows and doors, as well as air conditioning, cruise control and tilt wheel are standard also. Dual zone air conditioning, and an in dash single disc CD player are also standard.

Kia Sedona Base model: With all of the standard features, the option list on the base model is not impressive. The base model Sedona offers a convenience package that includes a luggage rack, and carpeted floor mats. The base model Sedona offers a respectable fuel economy of 16 mpg(miles per gallon) in the city and 24 mpg on the highway. Overall, for a base model van, the Sedona has most of the options people look for in a mini-van at a reasonable price.

The LX version of the Sedona offers a little more in the way of options while standard equipment stays mostly the same, except for the larger rear cargo area, and starts at around $23,500. Optional features include dual power sliding side doors, a trailer hitch and towing package, and a rear entertainment system featuring an eight inch screen for the DVD player with remote and two wireless headsets. Even with the added weight of the extra rear cargo area, fuel economy does not suffer and stay at 16 mpg city and 24 mpg highway. Continue reading “2008 Kia Sedona”

2009 Kia Borrego

As a new model for 2009, the Kia Borrego is in the traditional mold of a mid-size SUV that seats seven passengers. It’s available with either a V6 or V8 engine as well as a choice of rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. There are 9 trim/style choices of the 09 Borrego, with multiple option and standard equipment packages that will suit the needs of most consumers. Combined with reasonable prices and better than average fuel economy, Kia believes that the Borrego will do well in the SUV market, and they may be right. All nine Borrego models come with four wheel anti-lock brakes, traction control, side passenger airbags, three row front air bags, and an anti-theft alarm system. All of the v6 models come with 18 mpg city and 24 mpg highway. The v8 models offer 4.8 liter engines with a six speed manual transmissions and an impressive 337 horsepower.

The base model LX Borrego comes with rear wheel drive, five speed automatic transmission, and a 3.8 liter six cylinder engine. Options on this model include blue tooth, remote start, a convenience package that includes eight way power driver’s seat, and leather trim. There are also two different interior protection packages to choose from, including mud guards, cargo area protection, and all weather Floor mats. Starting at $26,000, this model is a good starting point for the Borrego.

The base EX model of the Borrego starts at $28,000. It is built on the same rear wheel drive, 3.8 liter engine, with a five speed automatic transmission. The standard equipment remains relatively unchanged, except for a few minor tweaks. The option packages differ more widely than LX Borrego. The EX offers a premium package including a six disc cd changer and up to 18 inch chrome wheels. The EX also offers a luxury package including leather seats, power tilt and telescoping steering wheel and driver seat memory system. Also including, rear entertainment system, with an 8 inch wide-screen monitor, wireless headphones, and video inputs.

The second level LX offers few upgrades in options or standard equipment with the exception of full time four wheel drive, and starts at $28,200. Thesecond level EX model of the Borrego starts at $29,995, and also has minimum upgrades from the base EX besides the four wheel drive system. Now, on to the v8 models. The LX version of the v8 Borrego starts at $31,000. The LX v8 offers, again, no changes in equipment except for the engine and transmission package. The EX model of the v8 offers very little, once again, in the way of upgrades, except the engine and transmissions.

The Limited version of the Borrego, comes in two different models with the same standard and optional equipment, except for the rear and four wheel drive, drive- trains. The limited is a more luxury based model, coming in with standard leather seats, and a DVD voice activated navigation system. The rear wheel version starts at $37,995, while the four wheel drive model starts at $39,995.

With the wide variety of choices, people who want or need a mid-sized SUV, will be pleasantly surprised by the 2009 Kia Borrego.

2009 Kia Optima

The new 2009 Kia Optima is a smart choice for anyone looking for a nice mid-size sedan at a reasonable price. With base models starting at $17,500 the Optima will fit the budget and needs of many consumers. The 09 Optima comes in six trim and option packages. All with a front wheel drive chassis.

The base model LX features a 2.4 liter in-line four cylinder engine and a five speed manual transmission. With a fuel economy of 25 miles per gallon (mpg) city and 35 mpg on the highway, it is easy on the wallet at the gas pump. With standard four wheel anti-lock brakes, dual front and side impact air bags, traction control, and a five star front and rear side crash rating, it has plenty of safety features as well. The base LX also has a few luxury or style options, such as a rear spoiler and blue tooth capability.

The second level Optima LX features the same 2.4 liter engine with a standard five speed automatic transmission. Starting at $18,900 it is reasonable and well equipped. In addition to the standard safety features of the base model LX, the second tier LX has a few more options to choose from. Some of these options include blue tooth, rear spoiler, remote starter and a convenience package that has 16 inch alloy wheels, trip computer, and an eight way power driver seat. This Optima also shares the same fuel economy of the base LX model.

2009 Kia Optima

The EX Optima model starts at $20,600. The EX also uses the same 2.4 liter engine and five speed automatic transmission as the second level LX Optima model. The EX also has the same standard safety features of anti-lock and air bags of the other Optima models. Again, as the levels go up the options also go up. The EX has all the options of the LX plus several more. Including a tilt and sliding power sunroof, Infinity six disc cd/mp3 stereo with subwoofer and amplifier, and a Sirius satellite radio. It also comes with 17 inch alloy wheels, a navigation system, adjustable pedals and heated front seats. Once again the EX shares the same fuel ratings as the previous mentioned models. Continue reading “2009 Kia Optima”

2009 Kia Spectra – the compact car is having a huge impact

With the ever rising cost of gasoline, the compact car is having a huge impact on the new car consumer market. While Honda, Toyota, and traditional American brand compacts Garner more attention, don’t overlook the 2009 Kia Spectra. Not only is it a compact car, it is also a sedan, not just a coupe like some other makes. And starting at $13,500 the price is hard to beat. All of the models are built on a front wheel drive, 2.0 liter four cylinder engine platform. Coming in with eight trim levels including two hatchback wagons, consumers have a wide variety of the Spectra to choose from. All models come with standard dual front, and side impact air bags. The two LX model Spectra’s do not offer anti-lock brakes. The remaining models have anti-lock brakes as an option.

The base model LX Spectra comes with a five speed manual transmission. The base LX comes with few options such as air conditioning and a rear spoiler. The standard options are not that impressive either. Featuring a single cd stereo, and tilt wheel are the most impressive of the options. There are no options listed for power windows or door locks. The Spectra does however provide a decent fuel economy of 23 mpg (miles per gallon) city and 33 mpg highway.


The second level LX version of the Spectra starts at $14,500 and comes with a standard four speed automatic transmission. This model again offers air conditioning and a rear spoiler, along with a remote starter as options. The standard features are weak, offering tilt wheel, and a single cd player, as the best standard equipment and there is no listing for power windows and door locks. The automatic transmission does provide a modest boost in fuel economy to 24 mpg city and 34 mpg highway. Continue reading “2009 Kia Spectra – the compact car is having a huge impact”