2009 Kia Rio Sedan comes in nine different style options

The 2009 Kia Rio Sedan comes in nine different trim/style options, five sedan models and four five door hatchback wagons. All of which use a 110 horsepower 1.6 liter in-line four cylinder engines, and front wheel drive-trains. All models are affordable, with the base model sedan starting at $11,500 and the highest priced wagon starting at $15,100. As with most Kia’s the fuel ratings are excellent with all trims offering 30 mpg(miles per gallon) fuel economy, or better. All models come with side and dual front and rear passenger air bags as standard equipment. Also standard, are a single disc cd player and Sirius satellite radio. This compact sedan/wagon can seat five. With all the trim packages to choose from, most consumers can find the right Kia Rio for their needs.

The 2009 Rio base model is just that, a base model. Starting at $11,500 and coming with a five speed manual transmission, the only options are a rear spoiler, and floor mats. With a 12 gallon fuel tank and 28 mpg city and 35 mpg highway you can expect between 300 and 400 miles between fill ups.


The first level LX model of the Rio also comes with a five speed manual transmission. Starting at $13,200 the LX model comes with air conditioning and a USB data port standard. The option list also expanded a little, with four wheel anti-lock brakes, a power package that includes power window, door locks, key less entry and heated outside mirrors. This LX model gives you the same great gas mileage of 28 mpg city and 35 mpg highway.

The first level SX Rio starts at $14,000 and comes with the five speed manual transmission. The rear spoiler is now standard on this model unlike the previous two mentioned. Little else changed in the way of standard equipment. Optional equipment also changed little from the LX. With the only addition to the options being 16 inch alloy wheels, up from the usual 14 inch. This combined with the standard spoiler provides a slightly sportier look. Once again fuel consumption stays the same as other models.

The second level LX Rio comes with a four speed automatic transmission, and starts around $14,100. Coming in with the same optional and standard equipment as the manual lx, the only difference is the automatic. With the addition of the automatic transmission fuel economy becomes slightly better on the highway, but changes little in the city.

The second level of the Kia Rio SX edition comes with a four speed automatic transmission and starts at $14,800. This SX version has exactly the same features as the manual SX, except for the automatic transmission. And again fuel economy on the highway goes up slightly, but changes little during city driving.

The Kia Rio5 LX wagon comes in with a base price of $13,300 and is supplied with a five speed manual transmission. The options remain at four wheel anti-lock brakes and the power package, of the LX sedans models. The fuel economy is changed minimally from that of the LX model with the manual transmission.

The Kia Rio5 LX wagon automatic transmission version comes in with a starting price of $14,000. No changes in options or standard equipment, except the automatic transmission were offered. Fuel ratings stayed the same as the automatic lx sedan and slightly better than the manual wagon. The Kia Rio5 SX wagon comes in with a five speed manual transmission, and a starting price of $14,200. Once again there is little to now changes from the manual SX sedan and the manual SX wagon, in terms of equipment. Fuel economy again changes minimally. The Kia Rio5 SX wagon with four speed automatic transmission starts at $15,000. No changes in equipment to speak of except for the switch to an automatic transmission that slightly boosts highway fuel economy.